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Innovation + People = Success

Our #vision

Our vision is to provide #innovative solutions
which enable us - when combined with our know-how and experience – to achieve profits in a growing though highly competitive e-commerce market.
We are Třinec patriots
With that being said, we are set to continuously overcome any obstacles - should they emerge in form of national borders, remoteness or language barriers. Our goal is to help local clients with international expansion without having to focus too much on the Czech market alone.
Our philosphy is #people and relationships
Our aim is to establish a long-term partnership with our clients whilst forming an effective #team, with which key persons tie their carriers.
We are #results-oriented
by which we are also evaluated. We validate assumptions with hard numbers and only choose to be creative in places where we are able to measure its impact. We’re 8COMMERCE...


SELLING OF Lunchtime and Pizzatime 2012

8 reasons for 8COMMERCE

  • 1. Our projects and webstores do the talking
  • 2. Experience of more than 10 years in business
  • 3. Orientation on expansion out of the Czech Republic
  • 4. We build on #people
  • 5. Our team is growing and still looking for new blood
  • 6. We handle marketing as well as programming
  • 7. Frequent business trips between Prague and Třinec
  • 8. Apropos - feel free to ask our clients

Where next?

We hate to put people in boxes – our goal is to look for capable, hardworking, enthusiastic colleagues, those who are not afraid to stand behind results. Do you know someone?

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Innovations and capable people – these two factors merge into the cornerstone of our #success. Are you curious about the people you’d be working with on a day-to-day basis

Our #team