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METALSHOP – Metal clothes and accessories


Metalshop is our flagship and we are rightfully proud of its success.

We’ve started with this metal fashion phenomenon in 2004 in the Czech Republic and since then managed to expand into eight more countries worldwide.

With an annual turnover growth of 30% and so far 4 vast brick-and-mortar shops we simply can’t but look forward to the years yet to come.

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In numbers

Thanks to the expansion throughout the last four years we’ve managed to increase turnover and hence we’ve actually freed Metalshop from its dependency on one single market – even though the abroad generated turnover counted only for 5% of the total Metalshop turnover in 2011, just 4 years later it increased to almost a quarter.

"Had it not been for 8commerce, we would not have gotten to this point. I just focus on what I want to sell and don’t have to deal with the matter of who to sell it to."

Roman Wytrzens, owner

WILLSOOR – Quality branded shirts for men and women


Wilsoor is a traditional Polish fashion brand with more than 50 stores.

8commerce exclusively administers Wilsoor’s Czech and Slovak expansions, both of which double their turnover every year.

We also fancy the fact that we help Czech ladies and gentlemen to properly pick and wear slim fit and business shirts which suit them best.

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In numbers

Wilsoor products are also a fine example of quality goods actually selling themselves when combined with the right kind of support, which at the end of the day brings in more returning customers. Even though the first year was primarily focused on testing, the actual turnovers in the second one were growing two-point-five-fold on average.

"CZ and SK have become significant markets for us even though we would not have entered these countries under normal circumstances – now we’re gradually building our brand without investing the necessary time and energy."

Dominik Tomaszewski, owner

GAMISPORT – Everything for sport and leisure


Gamisport is a sportswear store focused on selling premium brands of sport clothes and footwear since 1995.

However, the year 2006 was meant to be a milestone one. We have helped to transform a brick-and-mortar store into a successful online shop which nowadays operates in six countries.

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8 reasons why to work with us

  • 1. We help to achieve a turnover of 200 million CZK annually
  • 2. Unique webstore with advanced features
  • 3. Already set up for eight countries
  • 4. Average turnover growth of over 30%
  • 5. We’re an excellent #team with offices in Třinec, CZ
  • 6. We’re able to help you with selling on Amazon and eBay
  • 7. Our specialty are clients with turnover of 25 million CZK and higher
  • 8. We offer know-how, actual application and marketing management

Where next?

We were CREACTIVE for 10 years
but now we’re 8COMMERCE - have a look
at our journey and what we have yet to accomplish.

8COMMERCE journey and vision

We hate to put people in boxes – we’re looking for capable, hardworking, enthusiastic colleagues, those who are not afraid to stand behind results. Do you know someone?

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